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The Best Christmas Gift For Your Love - Zaful
Zaful has prepared the Christmas ultimate sale
( to celebrate the end of 2017. No matter you're shopping for your sister, mother, friend or yourself. We've edited the most amazing gifts for you in this Christmas clean-up sale
( ).

To help you avoid the last minute panic, a list of super-chic product has been compiled. From floral tops, cami dress to drop shoulder sweatshirts and bikini sets. All under $10! Check out the deals zone and collect these 2017 hot sale products to your wardrobe. This might be the last opportunity to get them at such unbelievable price.

For under $10 Zone, you can almost find every thing which was on the 2017 best seller list. It’s time to purchase something for your family members and friends. Accessories for all seasons starts from $0.01 to $9.99 are the perfect affordable choice for X-mas surprise.

 The "Zaful holiday must haves","Zaful hottest picks" and "Most recommended" items are also worth to have a look. Various kinds of products to serve your 2018 needs. If you're planning to control your shopping appendices and save money during 2018, then you've come to the right place. Even most of these adorable products are new arrivals. We still decide to put huge discounts (Up to 60% off) on them. Because it's Christmas after all!

True fact, we normally react to color before ANYTHING else. The colors you wear can make you instantly look slimmer, leaner, healthier and more appealing.

For this Christmas sale, we picked hundreds of popular product with various kinds of color. Including bloggers recommends and celebrities style-steal. Before, perfecting your style is tricky and expensive. But with Zaful Christmas sale, becoming a true fashionista is not a dream anymore.

 Last but not least, Zaful will provide free worldwide shipping during Dec.11th ~ Dec 13th. At the same moment, free gifts will be given to Zaful shopper every single day. When your Zaful order reached a certain amount ($59), you can choose a free product from our Free Gift zone and add it to your bag. Happy Merry Christmas to you!

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Spend a little time with Zaful before 2017 ends!

We have reached the end of the year of 2017, Christmas parties will soon be in full swing. Did you find comfortable and stylish clothes to wear? If not, Zaful is now promoting Christmas sale ( ) with various adorable products at cutthroat price. Below is some Christmas party fashion items in Zaful
( ) which you should have.

White on White
Fresh and crisp, the white on white trend make a return and it couldn’t look cooler. White sweatshirts, pants, shoes, and accessories are all cool to wear. Let's try to pair these cozy sweater with denim in the perfect way and become the party outfit winner!

 Cable Knit Pattern Drop Shoulder Sweater

3 Piece Trick
Ever heard about something called the three-piece trick? The best way to untangle a mysterious, sexy look is to look at the accessories. You will find that all such complicated looks have three things in common – a statement filled handbag, a pair of hot shoes and a useful and trendy pair of sunglasses. Try it yourself to achieve celebrity kind of a look at no time.

Playful Accessories
A choker or a pair of earring with Christmas elements on it would be fun don't you think? It's Christmas after all. Recommending you these nice little accessories. They are down to $0.99 before Zaful Christmas Sale ends.
                                                           Rhinestoned Christmas Bows Brooch

                                                       Denim Fringe Choker 

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Carbo Detox from Bielenda - My review

Hej ;) Zimą nasza skóra wymaga dużej pielęgnacji. Dobre oczyszczenie skóry to u mnie podstawa.  Czy słyszałyście o Carbo Detox z Bielendy? Myślę, że tak, ponieważ jest to bardzo popularna marka. Nic dziwnego, ponieważ jakość tych kosmetyków jest naprawdę świetna! Pozwoliłam sobie przetestować krem węglowy i węglowy płyn micelarny. Oba kosmetyki są oparte na naturalnym aktywnym węglu. Z pewnością aktywny węgiel jest hitem na rynku kosmetycznym. Kochani jestem ciekawa Waszych opinii na temat tych kosmetyków ;) Przyznam szczerze, że ja pokochałam kosmetyki z tej serii ;)

Hey :) In winter, our skin need a lot of care. A good cleansing of the skin is the basis for me. Did you hear about Carbo Detox from Bielenda? I think yes, because it is a very popular brand. No wonder, because the quality of these cosmetics is really great! I'm testing the carbon cream and carbon micellar water cleanser. Both cosmetics are based on natural active carbon. Certainly, active carbon is a hit on the cosmetics market. Sweeties, I am curious about your opinions on these cosmetics ;) I must admit, that I love so much these cosmetics from this series ;)

Bielenda Carbo Detox - Krem węglowy. Jest to krem nawilżająco - matujący do skóry mieszanej i tłustej. Krem dokładnie oczyszcza skórę z toksyn, zwęża pory i redukuje poziom sebum. Co więcej krem zapobiega powstawaniu wyprysków i optymalnie nawilża. Efekt naszej skóry jest naprawdę świetny dzięki aktywnemu węglowi i kwasu Hialuronowym. Myślę, że krem warto stosować codziennie rano i wieczorem.
Bielenda Carbo Detox -The carbon cream. It is a moisturizing and matting cream for mixed and oily skin. The cream cleans the skin of toxins, narrows pores and reduces the level of sebum. What's more, the cream prevents the formation of pimples and optimally moisturizes. The effect of our skin is really great thanks to active carbon and hyaluronic acid. I think, that cream should be used every morning and evening.

Bielenda Carbo Detox - Węglowy płyn micelarny. Produkt jest, także do demakijażu twarzy i oczu. Jest dla cery mieszanej i tłustej. Kosmetyk skutecznie usuwa zanieczyszczenia, makijaż i nadmiar sebum. Co więcej produkt nie brudzi twarzy i jest delikatny dla oczu. Tak jak krem aktywny węgiel ma takie samo działanie oczyszczające naszej skóry. Jednakże płyn micelarny ma też inne składniki takie jak: micele, które doskonale usuwają makijaż i sebum. Natomiast za regeneracje naszej skóry odpowiada d-panthenol. Na początku warto użyć węglowy płyn micelarny, a następnie krem węglowy ;) 
Bielenda Carbo Detox - The carbon micellar water cleanser. This product is also used for a face and eye makeup remover. It is for mixed and oily skin. The cosmetic effectively removes impurities, makeup and excess sebum. What's more, the product doesn't dirty the face and is gentle to the eyes. Just as active carbon cream has the same cleansing effect on our skin. However, micellar cleansing water also has other ingredients such as: micelles, that perfectly remove makeup and sebum. While, d-panthenol is responsible for the regeneration of our skin. At the beginning, it is worth using a micellar carbon cleansing water and then a carbon cream :)

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